The King's Academy Knights Battalion

The Only Homeschool JROTC in America 


"I am happy to send this testimonial. Thank you, with a full heart, for the investment you and COL have made in our daughter. My husband and I wrestled with the idea of our daughter joining a JROTC program. As I spoke with a cadet, I began to understand more clearly the solid leadership with which the TKA Knights JROTC program is directed. There is a Christ-Centered focus that forms the foundation of each decision made. This was very valuable to us. Our daughter has been a part of this program for 3 years (She even sold part of her American Girl doll collection to pay for a portion of her first year.) Some of her best high school memories involve JROTC. She has enjoyed the camaraderie of the cadets and the rigor of the Raider program. She has been challenged to lead her peers and manage a supply room. With any large group of teenagers functioning as a team, there is opportunity to practice patience, perseverance, problem-solving, and self-sacrifice. All these character building opportunities prepare our young ones for the life they will face outside the shelter of home.Thank you Colonel Stepat and Sergeant Clements for 3 life-fortifying years."

"I’ve been thinking about your request for testimonies from cadets and parents about the impact of JROTC. A story came to mind that sums it up for me… Our adult daughter was over for dinner on Easter, and was describing a conflict she was having with her new roommate (she just moved out mid-March).  She had gone on and on about it, and how her roommate just couldn’t let it go.  She was at wit's end as far as how to handle it.  Our cadet spoke up and said, “Colonel told the LET2 class that an argument will never end until someone chooses to humble themselves”.  Wow!  Those are nuggets of gold that we never could have foreseen coming out of the program. Thanks so much for all you have done for our cadet this year!  We really love JROTC, and are looking forward to next year!"

"We cannot even begin to thank you for all you have done for our son. Prior to joining JROTC he was very shy and quiet, in general he still is, but not when it has to do with JROTC. He absolutely loves his program, his cadet comrades and his superiors. He has a very high respect for everything related to JROTC and nowadays it is a very important part of his life, what an amazing program to develop our sons and daughter's sense of time management, responsibility, and most of all respect for authorities. He has become an incredible leader who loves, respects and thinks about his subordinates' needs before his own and that makes him a great leader. He worries about not being a good example for LET I cadets. Thank you again for all you have done, we are forever grateful to you and for such an amazing program."