The King's Academy Knights Battalion

The Only Homeschool JROTC in America 


The TKA JROTC Raider team is an elite group of physically fit cadets who seek to defy odds and accomplish tasks using teamwork, physical fitness, leadership and camaraderie. Just a couple of years ago the Raider team placed 1st overall in the Best Raider competition in the Nation! Through prayer and determination the Raider team continually prove to successfully and honorably represent our Battalion. Through friendship, brotherhood, and teamwork the Raiders strive to be the best that they can be in performance, sportsmanship, and determination. Raiders don't quit and the skills learned by the cadets will stick with them forever. 


Drill Team

The TKA JROTC Drill Team is a well-trained team of cadets focused on representing the Battalion through discipline, teamwork, camaraderie and structure.  In the past, our Drill Team has placed top 3 in our area in multiple categories including armed squad, unarmed squad, the Drill Team is for the cadets who want to enjoy the benefits of working as a team and performing to the best of their abilities. 

Color Guard

The TKA JROTC Color Guard is the elite flag branch of the drill team.  The purpose of the Color Guard is to serve the community by presenting our nation's colors at events such as football games, parades, 9/11 ceremonies, and American Legion events.  The Color Guard competes with the drill team against other schools in our area to prove who is the best team.  Precision is key.  In order to present our nation's colors well, we train, practice, and execute the movements with the most efficiency and expertise possible. 


The TKA JROTC Marksmanship Team uses air rifles to compete against other schools in target shooting. After taking a course in gun safety, the cadets go to a shooting range, where they can practice their skills.


The TKA JROTC Orienteering Team is a team that works on map reading and land navigation through the woods. Orienteering is one of the most adventurous special teams and consists of map and compass reading, forest navigation, and physical fitness. At the beginning of the season orienteering consists of classes teaching cadets how to read a topographical map and various other skills but once we get out of the classroom the real fun begins. Training will consist of lots of running and navigating on our campus course to prepare us for when we get to competitions. At competitions cadets will be given a map and a set of coordinates, the coordinates must then be translated onto the map and cadets will run off into the woods to search for those points while navigating obstacles such has hills, dense brush, and rivers.

Academic Team

The TKA JROTC Academic Team works to improve their knowledge of math, science, and history. The competition consists of web-based question of SAT level on school subjects and the experience they gain through their exploits at JROTC. They use their knowledge and teamwork to compete at competitions against other JROTC Battalions.

Cyber Patriot/VEX Robotics

The JROTC Knight’s Battalion at the King’s Academy is excited to be launching its VEX Robotics team to compete internationally this coming school year. We are excited about continuing the Robo-Knights Special Team this year. After seeing the enthusiasm among the cadets during the preliminary meetings this past spring, and the enthusiastic turnout for the week-long Cyber-Robotics Camp we held in June--using the parent-donated VEX IQ equipment and receiving parent-provided instruction--we feel we have the support we need to have a successful year ahead. We are building our sponsor team now and would like to see if your business would join us. As a gold or silver sponsor, your company logo will be placed on our team t-shirts worn and our team banner displayed at all competitions, advertising your business’s support of science and technology education and exploration for young people.